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Safety is our Goal

From its very beginning, we have considered safety a top priority. Our safety performance is outstanding – the result of comprehensive training, successful safety management systems, and choosing to exceed the industry standard.

We believe that providing a safe work environment is an obligation to our employees, to our customers and to the public. We know that training and education on proper procedures are the first order of business prior to undertaking any task.

We are a member of COR and are ISN Compliant.

                                                                         Blue Drop Water Services in Thorsby is serious about safety for it's employees. Blue Drop Water Services in Leduc County is compliant with ISN guidelines.




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Emergency Water Hauling
We ran out of water on a Sunday and Blue Drop Water Services came to our rescue.

~ Melissa J.
Dependable Water Hauling
Blue Drop Water Services has always delivered our water when they said they would. We feel we can count on them.

~ Daniel K.